Our Team at Polo Bar & Grill


Gary Fellers  and Jeanette Sassoon - Owners

Gary Fellers and Jeanette Sassoon, husband-and-wife duo, have long been rooted in the  equestrian community, and especially within the Village of Wellington. As co-founders of PoloGear USA, Gary and Jeanette believe that Polo Bar & Grill is a niche that the local community has been missing.

As an avid polo player, Gary combined his passion with Sassoon's dressage experience, creating a powerhouse of enthusiasm and ingenuity--a necessity to revive and revamp Polo West. Boasting an equestrian-themed restaurant design, farm-to-table cuisine, and family-friendly events, Polo Bar & Grill has finally risen to fulfill its niche.

It is Gary and Jeanette's vision is to create a facility that features equestrian and philanthropic events, locally sourced food, outstanding culinary talent, incredible service and a professional staff. Whether to golf, eat, drink or relax, Polo Bar & Grill is fulfilling its role as the newest restaurant in Wellington, and is quickly becoming a fan favorite due to the dedication and talent of Gary Fellers and Jeanette Sassoon.